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About us

The purpose of Messiah Temple Missionary Baptist Church’s beginning remains unchanged. But our history changes, continually for the better, according to God’s divine plan.

From the dining room of Pastor Saulsby, on May 20, 1965, to the new home located at 7219 S. Racine, from the previous church home at 10243 S. Wallace to the present spacious location at 10400 Halsted, we have come this far by Faith. The road has not been easy, nor has it always been clear, but the Lord has always been by our side.

Down through the years, we have been blessed with a radio broadcast and outreach ministries dedicated to bringing souls to Christ as well as encouraging the saved and uplifting the downcast.

With the vision that was given to Pastor Saulsby, our historical archival coffers are rich with stories of growth and increase. Many mountains have been climbed. Many roads have been trodden – mountains of ups and downs; roads of dutiful labor paved with love. Through it all, we have never let go of God’s unchanging hand.

On Easter Sunday, April 19, 1981, we processed into our current location. A building dedicated to serving the needs of the total man: mind, body, and soul. It is our biblically- supported belief that one serves God best by serving humanity (Matt. 20:28). Our present structure can accommodate over 1,000 people with ample classroom space, a dining hall, a nurse’s station, and several offices. We are proud proprietors of 21 lots of city land. In 1998 and 1999, respectively, a new side door was added and stained glass windows were installed throughout the sanctuary to enhance the beauty of the church. We have also been afforded the comfort of air conditioning.

On Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001, we incorporated an 8AM worship service to our ministry: RISE, SHINE, GIVE GOD THE GLORY! In the tradition of passing on the mantle of ministry (i.e., Elijah and Elisha), God instrumentally used Pastor Saulsby, who prepared a servant for the moment of transition and handed the baton to Pastor Keith B. McGee, I, Th.D. on July 6, 2003. Dr. McGee has been a faithful servant and son of the Messiah Temple Missionary Baptist Church since he was a child. An anointed, wise, and articulate leader, he rose to the call of pastoral leadership at Messiah and has continued the tradition of excellence in ministry. With an emphasis on making disciples and providing opportunities for the presentation of bible-centered teaching, Dr. McGee has instituted seminars and various bible study classes to enhance the educational and spiritual growth of the Body of Christ. The ministry has continued to grow exponentially and our outreach has only been indicative of our great “up-reach”.

Currently, we continue to follow God’s sovereign leadership in the process of a enhancing the facility to remain a comfortable yet commodious place to worship and gather together for His glory. Dr. McGee instituted a stewardship program that has opened the door for members to bring their gifts into the house of God for the purpose of making major improvements such as, new lighting, new roofs, a freshly-paved parking lot, new windows and doors, brand new flooring in our main lobby and other entry areas, state of the art multi-media equipment, security surveillance systems, with many more amenities to come in the near future.

More importantly, as we continue to build on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, we are compelled to go deeper in our study of the Word of God. His Word is our anchor in our time of peace and in our times of trouble. Our God has been faithful to us down through these years and we trust Him completely because we know the plan that He has for us is to prosper.